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Flute Tree & The Woodwind Group
Have the widest range of the finest flutes in Australia

From Student to professional our "Australia wide" agents are available to help you find the right instrument for you.
Matching embouchure to lip plate, timbre to playing style and cost to budget.
Contact us now to arrange a trial of the finest flutes and piccolos the world has to offer

Brannen - Bulgheroni - Braun - Hammig - Eva Kingma - Lyric
- Muramatsu  - Miyazawa - Nagahara - Pearl - Sankyo
- Sheridan -  TWG - Williams - Yamaha -
Plus more

Internationally renowned workshop

Woodwind instrument makers and repairers dedicated to the highest level of work for any standard of player.


How to contact us, request information or brochures, sign the guest book and find other general information.

the Workshop

All you ever wanted to know about flutes - FAQ, articles, information about flute construction and maintenance and more.

the Studio

Concerts, tuition, performance space rental. Get together to make and listen to music.

the Showroom

Australia's finest selection of piccolos, flutes, alto flutes, bass flutes and contrabass flutes .

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