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All Woodwind workshop

image benchThe Woodwind group Craftsmen are amongst only a small handful of fully qualified Woodwind Instrument makers in Australia.
Having completed 3 years of full time study in "Musical Instrument Technology" we have crafted and studied the making of Clarinets, Flutes, Saxophones, Oboes, Basssoons and recorders and gathered over 80 years combined experience.

Using our wood, metal and musicianship skills we have honed our repairing techniques across all woodwind instruments and are eager to show you how your instrument can really play.

Quick fix running repairs, extensive overhaul or major mechanical rebuild,
Whatever your woodwind problem we can fix it

Contact us now to discuss your requirements
or use the table below for a guide of our woodwind services and prices.

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  General Service Total Repad What category is my instrument
student or professional
First Woodwind Group Service
Preferred customer 15% discount price First Woodwind Group Service/Repad Preferred customer 15% discount price  
Sax Alto   -Standard  $       340  $      289  $                830  $              706 Buffet Saxophone
Jupiter Saxophone
Yamaha Sax up to 6series
Professional  $       360  $      306  $                900  $              765 Selmer, Keilworth, Conn,
King, Yanagasawa, Yamaha 6series & up
SaxTenor  -Standard  $       370  $      315  $                910  $              774 Buffet Saxophone
Jupiter Saxophone
Yamaha Sax up to 6series
Professional  $       410  $      349  $                950  $              808
Selmer, Keilworth, Conn,
King, Yanagasawa, Yamaha 6series & up
Clarinet     -Standard    $      204    $              451  
Professional  $       280  $      238  $                590  $              502  
Professional    Gortex  $                720
 $             612
Oboe   -Standard  $       270  $      230  $                920  $              782  
Professional  $       330  $      281  $             1,130  $              961  
Bassoon  $       270  $      230  $                880  $              748  

Please contact us for repairs to:

Sopranino, Soprano, Baritone and Bass saxophones.
Eb piccoo, bass and contrabass clarinet
Cor Anglais, Obe D'amore
Bassoon and Contra Bassoon

Try us just once and you will recognise the difference.
Your First
Woodwind Group service

Your first service with us requires a significant amount of work "behind the scenes". Changing pad orientation, shimming convention, mechanism alignment and calibrating your preferred spring tensions.

This establishes a secure starting point and reliable base for all future adjustments and services

Subsequent repairs
-Preferred customer pricing-

Further repairs with us (or on instruments we have pre-sale serviced) within a 2 year period, enjoy a 15% discount as recognition of the  ground work completed and the benefit of regular servicing.

§Prices and terms subject to change without notice

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