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Flute Tree & The Woodwind Group
offer a variety of lessons, coaching and playing opportunities for players of any ability, from absolute beginner to professional audition preparation, and everywhere in between.

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Private Lessons are available for all levels of player.

Absolute beginner, AMEB and HSC preparation, Pre concert / Audition coaching.Weekly lessons and  occasional " brush up" lessons available.
Only qualified and experienced teachers available, able to identify and address what you need to progress in your flute playing.

$80 p/h

Contact us now to discuss your needs


Ensembles are a great way to have fun, relax and improve your playing.

We currently have "Sydney Flute Choir" an adult amateur group on Wednesday evening.

Flute Tree Advanced ensemble on Thursday evening


image ensemblesIf you would like to play in a different style group, just let us know. We will contact you once we have enough members      

Master classes are an opportunity for a group to learn from high level performers and teachers.

A small number of performers work with the artist, and auditors gain the insight and direction as they are taken through their paces.

Always fun and informative, I never fail to walk away from these events without some new approach to use in my music making.

It is essential to join our website to receive email advice of forthcoming Master classes.

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Previous Master classes have included:

Rien de Reede
- royal concertgebouw orchestra.

Sharon Bezaly

Leone Buyse

Alison Mitchell
-Scottish chamber Orchestra

Andrew Nicholson

      image skype lessons

Private lesson,
One to one over the internet
Address your specific needs and requirements without even leaving your home

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