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Event Name Bridget Bolliger: Paradise of Birds
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Paradise of Birds , a set of exquisite miniatures each of which evokes the spirit of one

of Australia’s unique and diverse bird species.

Last year, flautist Bridget Bolliger commissioned composer Jim Coyle to create a new major work for her and this is the result! 

Bridget is recording this piece in Sydney in May 2017 with pianist Andrew West. The official premiere of

the work will take place the year.

On May 28th at 3pm Bridget and Andrew will be giving a private recital
at The Flute Tree, 111 Moore Street, Leichhardt

including a performance of Paradise of Birds .

The other works being performed are

Bilitis Debussy arr. Karl Lenski and

First Sonata Martinu

We would like to invite you to that recital.

Best wishes

Bridget Bolliger and Jim Coyle

RSVP to coyle_jim@hotmail.com  to secure your seat(s).

Please note that The Flute Tree is a small, intimate venue and it is necessary for you to reserve a seat for this recital.
We also need to ask each member of the audience for a $25 donation to cover the cost of the venue hire and piano tuning ( free CD gift included).

“ The performances of this music by flutist Bridget Bolliger and pianist Andrew West are simply not to

be bettered. The crystalline clarity of Bolliger’s tonal production is the very essence of what flute sound

should be…….” FANFARE

“From the very first notes you will be blown away, both by Bolliger’s glorious sound and West’s expert

handling of the accompaniment”. READINGS

“ …. impressive musicianship of Bolliger and West….” LIMELIGHT

Event Date 28 May 2017
Event Location Flute Tree Studio
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